Living in homes with electricity is a norm in our day. When the lights go out because of a power surge, most of us rush to providers to complain. However, a close look at how most households spend their electricity is disturbing. How many times have you zoned off in front of the television? How many times have we left our laptops charging as we sleep? Energy conservation is more important now than it has ever been. How do you go about it? What will motivate you to turn off the lights next time you leave a room?

Have you just moved into a new home and are struggling with home decor? Welcome to a blog that gives you decorating ideas to expand your space. Do you live in a one roomed apartment? Are you struggling to create a homely vibe with the small space? Our professional team helps you create the perfect illusion using wallpaper and furniture arrangement.

Getting Started

Our blog targets young couples who want to begin or are in the process of building a house. We give a range of plans for modern house plans. We know how expensive hiring an architect to draw it all up can be. Our professional take the weight off your shoulders.

Don’t you just love walking into a furnished kitchen? The shiny marble kitchen counters and the bright aluminum sinks. If you don’t know the meaning of the word backsplash, then you need to read our articles. Our blog will take you through the wonders that back splashing can do to your kitchen.

The master bedroom: the most intimate place in the house. For the magic to continue to unfold, consult our blog for ideas to create a more stylish and comfy look. Learn how to set that romantic and captivating mood inside your most intimate place.

Who said do you need to be an interior designer? Leave the pundits and experts. Modern home decor needs to reflect who your area. Visitors walk into the rooms of your house there needs to be a connection with the personality that lives there. Furniture should not be chosen out of affordability. Never read our blog to find pieces that match your home decor ideas.

Glass is entering the interior design market. It gives your house a stylish and sophisticated finish. The message sent is that of clarity and transparency. Did you know that you could do a whole staircase with glass? Our team takes the time to inform you about the recent trends in glass as an interior design tool.

We will take our readers through hot paint color ideas such as going with Grecian Blues. We shall bring you aboard embracing neutral grays and teach you how to cozy up to Corals. Did we also mention that all of these hot shades will be accompanied by pictures?

The backyard can be the perfect getaway when the kids are away. Set the area up well and you have a romantic getaway of sorts. Don’t mind the pesky neighbor going about in hushed tones. Our blog goes on and on about how you can make that neglected piece of earth in a lovely paradise.