5 Ways to Enhance Security for Your Home

security cameraDuring the summer, most property holders will probably open their windows and utilize their screen doors to appreciate those evening breezes. If you keep the doors and windows are open, however, you will be exposing your home to burglars. Burglars will also find breaches in many houses that have locked windows and doors. You must, therefore, be on top of security to avoid any breaches. The following is a rundown of some redesigning choices that will fix your security amid any season, and some other keen decisions that are simply great practice.

1.    Install an alarm system

An alarm system helps secure your home by creating a psychological obstacle to the burglars. No thief will proceed into your house when the alarm goes off. The alarm also increases the chance of catching the thief if your neighborhood has an efficient police force or if you are a member of a neighborhood watch group. Install the alarm system in the main door, service door, and the garage. You can add video surveillance to your alarm system too. The system is an excellent way to secure your home as you can also add fire/smoke protection.

2.    Create an illusion that the home is occupied

Houses that are not occupied are at a higher chance of being targeted by thieves. If you are on vacation and thieves notice that there is nobody in the house, they will most likely try to access your home. It is, therefore, important to make sure your home looks as if it is occupied. Stop the mail and newspaper delivery if nobody is picking them for you. Set a random timer on the TV, radio and the indoor lights. You can also make an arrangement with one of your neighbor to park their car in the driveway.

3.    Get new windows

secure windowsMost of the burglars will access your home through the windows. If you have old windows, you will be more vulnerable as they might not fasten securely. Install new windows that don’t open more than a few inches. New windows will also make your home more energy efficient.

4.    Know your valuables

Keep a record of all your valuables by photographing or even etching your social security number on them (if you don’t mind reducing their value). That will help the police recover them if they are stolen. Dealing with the insurance agent can also be much easier if you have a journal of your valuables.

5.    Secure your perimeter

Install a fence to give your home an extra protection. A fence can also give your home some extra privacy especially if you like spending some time in the backyard. You can also add motion detection or infrared-controlled lighting that will go on when someone is in your yard.

Other ways of deterring crimes include forming or joining a neighborhood watch group and even getting a dog. Most burglars gain access to your home using the front door, the first-floor windows, the back door, garage or the basement. Few will make entry through the second floor so try and avoid leaving the ladder in the yard.

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