Landscaping Ideas to Increase the Value of Your Home 

landscapingWhen looking to increase the value of their home, many people focus on the house itself and forget the surrounding landscape. Planting attractive trees and flowers and mulching the plants appropriately creates an appealing exterior that helps boost the home value. When improving your home, look into the landscape too to maximize the value. Here are some of the top landscaping ideas that will increase your home value.

1.    Plant Trees

When it comes to landscaping, trees are the ultimate addition. Having trees in your compound or living in a street covered with trees can add a couple thousands of dollars to the value of your house. That is because trees help improve the quality of the air and consequently the quality of life. They also help provide shade and cool the house saving you money.

2.    Edge the Lawn

You should not stop at well maintained, healthy and vibrant lawn. You will be surprised on what a neatly edged lawn can contribute to the overall value of your home. Edge your lawn along the sidewalks, driveway, and garden beds. Taking time to edge the lawn shows the prospective buyer that you have been meticulous in maintaining the house. It also creates the appearance of a low maintenance home something that may buyers look for.

3.    Prune, Weed, and Mulch

mulchingJust like edging the lawn, pruning, mulching and weeding will create the impression of a well maintained and also a low maintenance house. Prune the plants and trees in your property but do it conservatively to avoid making the garden look bare. When it comes to mulching, use utility mulch like forest fines since they look neat instead of conventional options like Lucerne or dyed woodchip.

4.    Minimize the plant species

A garden with many plant species creates an impression that it is laborious to maintain. Having fewer plant species means that it will be easy to maintain and also gives the garden some uniformity. This is not to say that you keep it at the bare minimum. Create some plant diversity in the garden as it also has some benefits such as reducing pest impact.

5.    Get a Lush Lawn

Laying a new lush lawn will give your home a sparkle and improve your home value. Buffalo grass and Kikuyu grass are excellent options although the latter is more affordable when compared to the former. Thicken and green the lawn after winter by over-sowing with lawn seed blend.

6.    Add More Color and Form

You can never go wrong with flowers. Add more flowers in the garden and the entrance-ways. You can plant the flowers in pots making it easier to move with a piece of the garden you worked so hard on if you decide to move. Try topiary in the entrance-ways too.

Just in case you thought landscaping improving value is just a myth, research carried out by Michigan University found that landscaping is better than any other home improvement with property holders getting up to 109 percent return. Their study also discovered that good landscaping design increased the perceived home value by up to 11 percent.

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