Hottest Trends in Pool Designs for 2016

swimming poolEvery summer, and in other seasons too, you find yourself in a swimming pool a couple of time. When the weather is not conducive for swimming, some of the pool owners are thinking about renovating their pools. Swimming pools have been with us for a while now, and while they serve the same purpose, they have continuously evolved. Design, structure and materials used change often and 2016 has been no different so far. Here are some of the hottest trends in swimming pool design this year.

  1. Out with the Traditions

The traditional pool structure of a deep end and shallow end coupled with stairs is slowly vanishing. In its place are perimeter overflows, beach entries and vanishing edge pools. Perimeter overflows have water overflowing from the edge of the pools and recycled back. Think about a fountain-like pool. Beach entries give you the experience of the ocean when going in while vanishing edge pools blend with the sky to create a never ending pool impression.

  1. Water features

Hydrotherapy jets are making an entry in the home pools. These jets help you relax and stay at peace while in the pool and have been used in spas and physical therapy pools. Pools are now incorporating the sounds of water trickling down with beautiful visual effects.

  1. Pavers

paversPaver stones have also been used to improve the look in pools lately. These are the stones and concrete covering the ground in the swimming pools. Pavers are being used to enhance the theme of the pool. The décor is matched with the pavers so that the entire swimming area can blend in seamlessly and beautifully.

  1. Tiles

For a long time, concrete has always been the material used for pools bottom. Tiles are now the preferred material as they give any pool a luxurious look and feel. Tiles have reflective qualities and also come in colors and patterns. Some people have even opted to use tiles to cover the ground of the pool gives the entire area spa-like feel.

  1. Poolside Patio Décor

The poolside décor is now being tailor made instead of the usual table, chairs, and umbrella. The décor matches the theme of the pool. There is an element of color coordination between the décor and the pool material. Exotic wood is being used as the go-to material for the patio design. High-end material such as travertine and marble is also being used around the patio area.

  1. Green pools

Everything is going green, and pools are becoming environment-friendly too. Plants and other biological filters and replacing chemical substances that are used to clean pools. Solar heating or geothermal pumps are now the ideal ways to heat your pool because they are efficient, money-saving and eco-friendly as well.

If you want to install a new pool or to upgrade the existing one, those are the hottest trends in swimming pool design this year. Try them out. Having such a pool will not only make the place look modern and fun, but it will also improve your home value.

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