Modern Home Decor Ideas with Furniture

home decorMost modern houses focus on structural simplicity, functionality, and order. Meaning monochromatic walls, clean architectural lines and basic materials are the foundation. The living room is the space that sets the tone for your entire decorating style; it determines how your whole house would look like.

1.      Storage furniture

If you would like a contemporary look to your living room, it si essential to go for storage furniture with clean, uncomplicated line. Well, mounted wall units are an excellent option for maximizing on floor space. Modular designs are versatile when selecting wall-hung pieces because they allow for multiple arrangements in segmented storage.

2.      Light and Airy Dining set

If you keep furnishings from weighing the space down, you can pack a lot in your living room, including a dining set. Transparent thermoplastic dining chairs, an open-weave coffee table, and unobstructed wall of windows keeps the room from feeling too cramped.

3.      Silver Accents

Cool metal touches give a room sophisticated air. Add a scrolling mirror, combined with silver coffee tables and silver chairs.

4.      Formal Arrangement

Apply an oval furniture arrangement in your living room to create a formal arrangement. It keeps the focus inwards and is designed for entertaining.

5.      Loveseat

It is the perfect mini sofa to cuddle up with a loved one. It is a perfect piece to add to your modern home furniture setting, but remember to have additional seating for guests.

6.      A bold vase

Unique and compelling, a bold vase is a fun centerpiece for a dining table or an eye-popping accent in a bookshelf.

7.      Wooden furniture in a contemporary setting

The solid wood designs escape the awkward look sometimes associated with other furniture. They instead showcase finely crafted, slim-line styles to sit lightly and in an unnoticeable manner in an airy modern setting. Wooden dining benches look unique and chic in slender silhouettes and added leather detailing.Furniture

Adding chrome plated legs to the warm wood tones give extra shine and modernism, bringing the traditional material bang up to date. Combining with glossy finishes, the contrast makes the wood grain appear even more beautiful, drawing attention to organic patterning. Wooden wall cladding brings beauty back to the technological TV zone of today’s lounge.

8.      Easy Elegance

Mixing a dramatic accent like floors and ceiling drapes with everyday classics, like a pair of neutral slipper chairs keeps a formal living room from getting too fussy.

9.      Circular coffee table

Make your living room have ample seating by setting sofa sets around a circular coffee table.

10.  Small space solution

Do you have limited space? The trick to using a small space into an elegant living area is to use suitably sized furniture. Having a sectional sofa is the perfect option and helps define space, although it might look too big.

11.  Natural elements

Applying a neutral shade on the wall, and having a mix of unfinished and polished wood pieces, can make a room feel stylish.

12.  Plus size arranging

There is an abundance of room to stretch out with an extra-large sofa, but it can also engulf the whole room. You can achieve comfortability by anchoring an oversized piece of furniture against a wall and use other big accessories like king-sized ottoman for balance.

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