Kitchen Backsplash Ideas to Refresh Your Space

kitchen backlashModern kitchens combine functionality with comfort. If you desire to renovate your kitchen, you can install or update a backsplash. But if you have never done it before, it can seem an intimidating task. You might opt for hiring a professional to do it for you, but that would incur some additional. If you understand how to do it, you can use the kitchen space to anchor the overall design of the room. Below are some kitchen backsplash ideas on how to refresh your space.

  1. Ceramic Tile

With the various sizes, shapes, and colors available, ceramic tile is probably the most versatile option. There’s plenty of room to test out different patterns while still maintaining clean lines; lay them at an angle, stagger them, stack lines in columns. A good thing about tiles is minimal maintenance they require, as long as you seal the grout so that it doesn’t get stained or absorb water.

  1. Mosaics and Focal Points

You can design focal points by changing the pattern or color scheme of your materials, either by laying tiles at an angle or mixing and matching complimentary colors. A pocket-friendly way to achieve good aesthetics is by splurging only on the stove top wall and use less expensive material everywhere else.

  1. Brick

Is another way to brighten up a kitchen, you can either leave it as it is or overlay to match the rest of the design scheme. Brick maintenance is easy if sealed properly and cleaned on a regular basis.

  1. Stone

Common stone backsplashes have a notably different texture than tiles. They offer a contrast to smooth counters and cabinets.

  1. Stainless steel

stainlessStainless steel looks sharp and is central to a modern, updated design that is why people go after matching stainless steel appliances in the kitchen. If you want to create a continuation of the same feel and create a sleek, uniform look, you will use stainless steel as the backsplash, either with tiles or a solid sheet. It has an advantage of easily cleaning up by wiping, it doesn’t require grout and will last forever.

  1. Solid glass

The popularity of solid glass backsplashes in kitchen designs is quickly growing for many reasons, i.e. they are inexpensive, low maintenance, modern, and easily customizable. Glass offers a seamless, continuous surface that has an added bonus of reflecting light. This brightens up the room.

  1. Uncommon material

There are unlimited types of materials you can use for a kitchen backsplash. They include copper to bamboo chalkboard. When choosing a backsplash, it is best to consider you want in the space. If you are a big cook, you would want to go for something that doesn’t stain or require hours of scouring to clean up. Are you on a pocket-friendly budget? Interspersing a pricier tile of your choice with a cheaper option. If you consider reselling your house at a high value, you can skip the focal point and consider something simple with clean lines. On the contrary, if the color is your concern, pick a bold paint color to use on walls instead.

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