10 Ways You Can Use Glass Decorations to Enhance the Interior of Your Home

glass decorationsMaterial that is widely used in modern infrastructure is glass. You can find it on windows, doors and walls. Glass has been one of the most indispensable material since we emerged from ancient mud and straw houses. Over time, glass has improved and acquired different forms; from tempered glass to safety glass, and then it became possible to give glass some ambiguous properties regarding its opacity.

In areas where there is less need for privacy, glass can be used as a door, especially for the interior of the home. Glass doors give an illusion of the room being larger by letting in more light for illumination. The downsides to using glass as a door are such as the fear of running into glass and breaking it, especially the clear ones. Also, they do not offer enough privacy, unless your design involves the color coated glasses. If you have been contemplating adding glass decorations to your home, below are ten applications of glass for modern home decorations that you can choose from.

  1. 3D textures

The rate at which interior projects are assuming textured glass is increasing rapidly. The crystalline tactile material creates a unique design feature by playing with and distorting light. As more creative patterns are developed, those that have an organic feel continue trending at the top. Organic feel refers to glasses which mimic ice, natural glass formation, or simple satin surfaces.

  1. Contemporary Interior Doors

Due to the warm color and elegant glass, the contemporary interior glass doors are usually inviting.

  1. Art

If you visited any museum, you are sure to find numerous sculptures hanging images primarily with glass. You can also find some nice pieces of art which can be a unique addition to your living room.

  1. Color coated glass

You can choose to decorate your modern house with color coated glass as they come in every color you can imagine. Whether your preference is bright colors or soft shades, your panels can be designed with your desired color. The color coating doesn’t impact the durability of the glass; it can even still be engineered to resist abrasions, chemicals, and scratches.

  1. Digital imagery

Particle imageryIt is an amazing technology to display digital imagery on glasses. Many methods have been explored, including actual etching on the glass itself and using digital images on films. The sophistication of this technology develops alongside the market growth. If you consider applying glass decoration with digital imagery in your house, you can display different images on either side of your glass to create an even more eye-catching feature in your house.

  1. Glass railings

Glass railings, either with chrome-finished frames or frameless, can be a striking feature as a complimentary to any staircase, deck or balcony. They are employed in many offices, and you can apply the same to your living room.

  1. Privacy at the flick of a switch

An innovative technology rapidly gaining a reputation in the interior design world is the switchable privacy glass. By pushing a button, the transparent glass panes can be turned into opaque panes, ensuring privacy in commercial or residential projects. This opaque mode can serve the purpose of a window pane to shield personal space from onlookers, or as a modern partition to divide physical space and increase versatility with your property. The transition from transparent can even be done remotely.

  1. Glass tables

Over time, glass coffee tables have become quite common. Most are made of a solid frame base, and a glass panel is placed on the top. Usually, the bottom portion takes a form of a fancy design such as a metallic or wooden sculpture. A glass coffee table can be a beautiful decoration to any living room if the right design is chosen. If you have other types of tables, you can also add a glass panel top to preserve the finishing or display a particular pattern.

  1. Flair Granit

An elegant frameless door made of glass, with granite designed in the middle of the door. The granite adds a bit of color and edgy look to the design of the clear glass door.

  1. Tiles

Various glass tiles exist that you can use to improve the aesthetics of your floor. They are advantageous over porcelain tiles being that they are easier to clean and install, and they come in various colors and designs. Also, glass is naturally waterproof, making it ideal for bathroom and kitchen floors.

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